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Cult Classics

Some movies aspire to greatness, others are so bad they have earned a place in movie history. After all it takes a twisted talent, even genius, to creat something as bad and offensive as Blood Apes, Plan 9 From Outer Space and more hilariously funny b movies.

B MOVIES and Exploitation Films

Exploitation films come in two main movie genres: blaxploitation and sexploitation.
Popular in the sixties and seventies Blaxploitation films were ...[Read More]
The sexploitation film industry is still going strong today, with many of these B movies being released straight to video. However the sexploitation b movies reached their heydey in the sizties and seventies, the golden age of trashy movies. Titles such as ... [Read More]
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At Movie Ace .com we are proud to bring you the best of the worst movies: from films so bad they have become legendary cult classics of b movie fandom to obscure but equally funny film making disasters.  Find hard to find movies and cult classic movies here. Movie catalogs: Search our DVD and VHS movie catalogs and find hard to find movies and videos on vhs and dvd. Check out our enormous selection of movies in vhs and dvd formats.

Featured B Movies and Exploitation Videos:

The Gruesome Twosome (Special Edition) (1967)

The most barbaric humor since the guillotine! Crazy old Mrs. Pringle runs "The Little Wig Shop," where she specializes in wigs made entirely of human hair. Offering to rent rooms to local college girls, Mrs. Pringle scurries the gals into a back room where her psycho son, Rodney, provides the "wigs" for his mama by gorily scalping the women. But when a co-ed friend of amateur sleuth Kathy disappears, Kathy investigates until she too comes face to face with Rodney and his new electric carving knife... A macabre blend of humor and horror, "The Gruesome Twosome" is another berserk epic from director Herschell Gordon Lewis (The Gore Gore Girls). It also has one of the strangest openings of any horror film: two Styrofoam wig heads with cartoon faces amiably chat about the upcoming plot until one of them abruptly gets stabbed. More ...
"Pagan Island" (1960, 58 min.)

- Shipwrecked sailor William Stanton finds himself the only man among a tribe of semi-naked man-hating women when he washes up on Pagan Island! Falling in love with Nani Maki, "the bride of the Sea God," he soon discovers that his rival for her affection is...a giant clam. More ...
The Corpse Grinders

When the owners of the Lotus Cat Food Company, who manufacture an exotic, high-priced type of kitty chow, run short of cash, they find themselves in big trouble with their suppliers. The two disreputable partners soon turn to a new and plentiful source for product--fresh cadavers! Grave robbing and unreported murders soon provide plenty of raw material for "the food cats crave," but there's only one problem--cats all over town have begun attacking and killing their human owners, filled with a newly-found taste for human flesh! Experience maverick director Ted V. Mikels' independent terror classic in a brand-new transfer that will give you chills you never knew you had in you! For God's sake, don't watch it with your cat! More ...

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B Movie Collections and Gift Sets: Most movie stores will feature the latest releases, and the so called good movies, those movies which have won the acclaim of the critics. We say boring. Our philosophy is that it takes just as much bizarro talent to make a truly bad film of horrendously bad b movie proportions as it does to create a critically acclaimed block buster movie.
So forget the oscars, and the critics, get your movie popcorn and enjoy the ride into the depths of movie depravity and low budget film making.. See bad actors in bad ape costumes terrorize damsels in distress, see bad actors read horrible script dialogues and watch as careless film editing destroys the movie's continuity.
And wonder: were they actually trying to make a bad b movie or did they really thing that they were making a good film? Hard to find Movies: Most of the movies here will never see the light of day in any video store. But these movies online because you probably cant find these b movies anywhere else.

Movies: Browse one of the biggest movie catalogs anywhere: find hard to find movies, the latest releases and classic movies too. You can even pre-order the latest vhs and dvd new releases. -- Find classic movies starring your favorite b movie stars and vixens 

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At MovieAce .com we believe in making available those weird movies and hard to find movies that you won't find in your local video or movie store. For example, we have a huge selection of movies by the italian horror directors, those masters of the gore filled exploitation cinema.  pre order dvd and vhs movies so that you can be the first to own the movie as soon as the dvd or vhs is released. We have classic movies including silent movies, colorized movies.  In addition to such hight brow movie collections we also carry movies whose only redeeming quality is their entertainment value: our movie store has a whole section dedicated to b movies and cult classics including blaxploitation movies. 
B Movies and Cult Classics

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